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 Southtown Quick Lube

of Chanute KS offers 18 Point Full Service Oil Change

Southtown Quick Lube has a professional team of mechanics and equipment to repair and maintain your automobile. We provide services such as full service oil changes, tire rotation, radiator flushes, transmission flushes, brake servicing, and offer full mechanical work if needed. We provide high quality automobile servicing while providing quick and efficient customer service.
Oil Changes
We offer 18 point full service oil changes and have available a variety of oil types.
Tire Rotation
We offer full tire rotation services, keeping your tires tread looking great.
Radiator Flushes
We provide radiator flush services. Keeping your systems working to their best.
Transmission Flushes
We provide transmission flush services. Make sure your transmission is working well.

Southtown Quick Lube


Chanute KS • Iola KS • Saint Paul KS • Erie KS • Cherryville KS
All of Southeast Kansas
Chanute KS • Iola KS    Saint Paul KS • Erie KS  Cherryville KS
All of Southeast Kansas

We Carry All Brands Of Oil

At Southtown Quick Lube, we offer a premium selection of automotive maintenance products, including a wide range of engine oils from leading brands like Amsoil, Rotella, Quaker State, Castrol, and Trop Artic. Alongside our extensive oil selection, we provide high-quality wiper blades and reliable Interstate Batteries to ensure your vehicle performs at its best in all conditions. Whether you’re looking for specific engine protection or essential accessories, our expertly curated inventory meets all your automotive needs in one place. Visit us for products that guarantee peak performance and durability for your vehicle.