Full Service Oil Changes

Having a car entails routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups. Forgetting to complete these tasks can lead to costly repairs and a decrease in vehicle longevity. That’s why at Southtown Quick Lube in Chanute, KS, we provide full-service oil changes. 

Expertise and professionalism

At Southtown Quick Lube, our team of professionals has extensive experience in the automotive industry. This experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to give you quality service that you can trust. With full-service oil changes, the staff will inspect the vehicle and let you know of any potential issues that may affect your car soon.

Efficient and convenient

Our full-service oil changes only take about 15-20 minutes to complete. During this time, our professionals will inspect and refill all of the vehicle’s essential fluids, such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid, to prevent costly repairs and improve your car’s performance.

Car maintenance
Auto mechanic inspecting oil level
Mechanic repairing car in workshop

Saves time and money

Some car owners opt to change their vehicle’s oil themselves to save money. However, doing so can lead to expensive mistakes and wasted time for those who lack the experience to do the job right. At Southtown Quick Lube, we provide an affordable way to maintain your car that saves time and money in the long run, eliminating the cost of repairs that may arise from poor maintenance.

Improved life span

Every vehicle has a life expectancy that depends on numerous factors, such as the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and how often you take care of the car. Full-service oil changes help your car run more smoothly and prevent premature wear and tear, ultimately prolonging your vehicle’s life span.

Reduced environmental footprint

While changing your vehicle’s oil at home may seem environmentally responsible at first, it is actually unwise. Disposing of used oil on your own may lead to unsafe outcomes, such as soil and groundwater contamination. At Southtown Quick Lube, we recycle all used oil so that it can be reused appropriately, reducing the environmental impact.


 Our experienced and knowledgeable team offers convenient, efficient, and cost-effective services that will keep your car running smoothly and contribute to a cleaner environment. Next time your car is due for an oil change, think about the benefits of a full-service oil change and stop by Southtown Quick Lube.